Run a New Course

You know those jobs where you do the same thing day in and day out?  Those jobs where you can turn on auto-pilot and never actually need to use your brain?

The same thing goes for your run.  When you run the same course everyday you eventually plateau.  You’re moving and you’re probably sweating, but you can tap into so much more to really make a change.  Find a new route to spice it up and sweat more.

So you don’t end up running aimlessly, here are some guidelines to literally finding your new path.


  1. Make time on the weekend to find it so during the week you can just hit it and quit it when you’re busy
  2. Find a peak point for your new run- often a hill or staircase
  3. Find flat and even ground to incorporate sprints…sprinting on a cracked sidewalk is a death sentence
  4. Find an easy place to stretch near your car or house
  5. Run between points 1, 2 and 3
  6.  Use a mile counter.  I use a mio coach– which useful in planning new workouts because it tracks heart rate as well

sports bra and leggings: adidas Women

shoe: adidas Ultra Boost

photos: Matt Lowell