Fitness X: A fitness experience for women who do more than burn calories.  Adidas is always thinking outside the box.  I leave all of their events having tried something new and exciting.  Fitness X paired working out with three other aspects important to today’s fit woman: nutrition, design and styling. The typically sunny SoCal weather was uncharacteristically cold and the misty rain was cramping my hair-style but we pressed on 🙂


We started the day with a hour long work out led my girl Ashley Guarrasi on the Santa Monica Pier.  Ashely led us through an on-your-mat circuit class combining resistance bands, plyometric training and shadow boxing.  Our shivers turned to sweat and it felt amazing.


We were then led on a short run through Santa Monica to our DESIGN activity: Candle making at Stone Candle Bar.  We chose our oil/scent and were instructed how to assemble our very own candle.  I went full Tom Ford and combined Vanilla Cashmere and Tobacco.  Our hand poured, sleek black coconut wax candles would retail for 45 big ones, so Diptique and Jo Malone better watch out.


Next we ran to the STYLING activity:  Succulent arrangement at The Leaf and Petal Co.  The nursery looked like an enchanted dream.  We were allowed to roam about and choose whatever our succulent hearts desired.  Not only are succulents super on trend, they’re beyond easy to care for- water your succulent with 2 ice cubes every other week or every week if there is a drain in your pot.  Using ice cubes ensure that you don’t drown the plant and that you water it slowly (as the cubes melt).  Mind blown.


Our final stop was lunch and our NUTRITION activity at True Kitchen.  True Food has created a menu that is anti-inflammatory by nature.  It was super fresh and we were starving so it was extra delicious.  We passed herbed hummus, kale avocado dip, chopped salads and antioxidant cocktails.  We chatted, laughed and bonded over loving veggies but needing more pita bread.  This 3.5 hour event was jam packed.  I met so many new rad women from different walks of fitness life so thank you adidas for yet another fun and adventurous event!

All of the participants received a packaged that included a full outfit to wear to the event.  I lucked out with these:

 pureBoost x Training shoes – Blue Floral

Sequencials Climalite Run Tee – Blue

Performer Mid-Rise Three Quarter Tights – Black

High-Impact Bra – White


photos: Adidas

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