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Hi YouKongDo’ers!

I’m Meagan, a professional dancer, fitness addict, health hacker and lifestylist.  Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota I now call Los Angeles home.  As a dancer, my body is my life, which is both a gracious blessing and grueling curse.  Though I am lucky to be living out my childhood dream of being a professional dancer, me and my “I’m not an 18 year-old” body never know when that sudden job booking….. dancing in a white bikini on television… call will come.* (*based on true events)

In situations like this, I went full 911 mode: fix crash diets, water pills, weigh my food, three-a-day workouts, hot yoga challenges, etc…  This always led to a larger problem, I would end up looking terrible, tired and having no energy to do the job I was hired to do.  The job that I call my profession and that is solely based on the body’s performance and beauty.

I now can consider these hardcore yo-yo diet and exercise years, research.  I’ve learned what aspects of each extreme method my body and brain respond to.  I’ve taken these bits of information and wove them into a manageable, Meagan Kong way of living.  I am here to share with you what I eat and how I move so maybe #youkongdoit too.

xx Meagan


** Disclaimer- I’m not a nutritionist or a personal trainer. I’m sharing information and methods that have and haven’t worked for me over the years.

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