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Shape Magazine set up at the Hudson Loft in downtown Los Angeles to host Shape Body Shop this weekend benefiting the Movement Foundation.  The pop-up studio event was jammed packed with classes from celebrity trainers like the Tone It Up Girls and Jen Widerstrom from The Biggest Looser,  Flywheel, Pop Physique, various bootcamps, yoga, and a special appearance by Julian Hough.  In between classes we were able to shop fit gear, sample some of Shape’s top beauty picks, and snack on delicious healthy treats.  My friend Remi and I jammed in five, I repeat FIVE classes on our own free will.

  • Jen Winderstrom: Bootcamp.  She split the room in two and pitted each side against each other to pushup faster and lunge harder.  Turning the class into a game made complete strangers work together and root each other on.  Such a good ice breaker for the day.
  • Brett Hoebel: Yoga Brazil. Brett took his training in Capoiera (Brazilian martial arts which combines dance, acrobatics and music,) and blended it with traditional yoga practice.  He changed up our thought process in basic yoga positions – we need to bend deeper in a lunge to avoid an overhead kick…talk about motivation!
  • Tone it Up Girls.  These fitness moguls used resistance bands the entire class.  I absolutely love using resistance bands because they are a notch up from using your own body weight while working out.  You don’t have to worry about bulking up and they make you fire up your stabilizing muscles too.  It’s insane how much you can do with little bands and the super sweet Tone it Up Girls were beyond creative with them.
  • Lacey Stone, my girl!  I trained with her at my first adidas event last year.  She set the energy on fire at a point in the day when I was ready to nap.  She turned simple aerobic dance moves into HIIT.  She incorporated medicine balls to use like basketballs and we performed moves inspired by her college basketball years. Lacey’s energy is contagious and I appreciate that she gives everything she has every time she teaches.
  • Pop Physique:  This was a good day ender!  I’ve taken lots of Pop classes- it is similar to many other barre classes, but Pop incorporates a squishy ball for many of their exercises.  We were tucking our pelvis’ and plie-ing with every ounce of energy we had left.

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Summer Detox Tonic

Why shoot apple cider vinegar when you can sip it poolside?  I make this detoxifying, energizing and anti-inflammatory tonic all summer long.  This gives me that poignant and refreshing I feel when I crack open a cold Kombucha.  I play around with the ratio depending on the day but here is a good base:

  • Lot’s of ICE
  • 1 T Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1/4 – 1/2  Lemon
  • 2 shakes of turmeric
  • 1 shake of cayenne
  • Sweetener of choice-  I use half a stevia packet or agave because they mix best with cold water
  • Sparkling water (still works too)
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Boxing with Ashley Guarrasi

Group boxing and shadow boxing classes are so on trend right now. I scroll my IG feed and every other picture is a chick post-class with gloves up and I love it.   All things women empowerment are totally my thing, but my easily inflatable arm muscles and pesky shoulder tear had kept me from latching on to this hot workout trend.

I met Ashley Guarrasi at an Adidas’ Wanderlust event in Los Angeles last month.  As we ran, yoga-ed, meditated and braided our hair I had no idea she was an absolute powerhouse in the world of boxing.  If it weren’t for needing to keep her face in tact for her acting and modeling career,  she’d be standing opposite Ronda Rousey for the win.

After creeping on Ashley’s Snap and witnessing her take blows from clients, often men 2-3 times her size, I decided if I were to feed my curiosity about boxing, it would have to be from her.


  • Warm up-  Jumprope.  2 rounds of 3 mins.

  • Shadow Boxing:  She introduced me to basic punches and proper technique.  We combined the punches and performed various combinations without gloves.

  • Boxing and Conditioning: Gloves on, baby.  Alternating between throwing combinations to her on mitts and performing sets of planks, squats and push ups.


I expected that my upper body would be absolutely destroyed by the end (it was,) but I didn’t think my core and legs would get as much action as they did. My obliques fired up on every cross punch and I especially felt my core clench on uppercuts.  Also, because Ashley alternated between boxing and plyometric exercises, every inch of my body had to engage.  The entire session was cardio / non-stop interval training which means the hour workout packed a calorie burning punch (pun intended).


Boxing is great for the mind and body.  The sweat and body fatigue was undeniable but I also had to keep my head in the game the same way I need to in a dance class.  Boxing combinations are essentially choreography you have to remember.  Instead of tuning out like I do when I run, I needed to dig in and engage.

Contact Ashely:

Photos by Nikki Dalonzo

♥These clothes and gear were given to us by adidas Women to wear and share with you♥

Apparel: adidas Women

Shoes: Pure Boost X on Meagan, Originals on Ashley

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Fitness X: A fitness experience for women who do more than burn calories.  Adidas is always thinking outside the box.  I leave all of their events having tried something new and exciting.  Fitness X paired working out with three other aspects important to today’s fit woman: nutrition, design and styling. The typically sunny SoCal weather was uncharacteristically cold and the misty rain was cramping my hair-style but we pressed on 🙂


We started the day with a hour long work out led my girl Ashley Guarrasi on the Santa Monica Pier.  Ashely led us through an on-your-mat circuit class combining resistance bands, plyometric training and shadow boxing.  Our shivers turned to sweat and it felt amazing.


We were then led on a short run through Santa Monica to our DESIGN activity: Candle making at Stone Candle Bar.  We chose our oil/scent and were instructed how to assemble our very own candle.  I went full Tom Ford and combined Vanilla Cashmere and Tobacco.  Our hand poured, sleek black coconut wax candles would retail for 45 big ones, so Diptique and Jo Malone better watch out.


Next we ran to the STYLING activity:  Succulent arrangement at The Leaf and Petal Co.  The nursery looked like an enchanted dream.  We were allowed to roam about and choose whatever our succulent hearts desired.  Not only are succulents super on trend, they’re beyond easy to care for- water your succulent with 2 ice cubes every other week or every week if there is a drain in your pot.  Using ice cubes ensure that you don’t drown the plant and that you water it slowly (as the cubes melt).  Mind blown.


Our final stop was lunch and our NUTRITION activity at True Kitchen.  True Food has created a menu that is anti-inflammatory by nature.  It was super fresh and we were starving so it was extra delicious.  We passed herbed hummus, kale avocado dip, chopped salads and antioxidant cocktails.  We chatted, laughed and bonded over loving veggies but needing more pita bread.  This 3.5 hour event was jam packed.  I met so many new rad women from different walks of fitness life so thank you adidas for yet another fun and adventurous event!

All of the participants received a packaged that included a full outfit to wear to the event.  I lucked out with these:

 pureBoost x Training shoes – Blue Floral

Sequencials Climalite Run Tee – Blue

Performer Mid-Rise Three Quarter Tights – Black

High-Impact Bra – White


photos: Adidas

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Spring Rolls: Light and Easy Dinner

Super low in carbs and packed with flavor, spring rolls seem super impressive but it’s really not that hard.  I stuff mine with roasted chicken, cilantro, cucumber, sprouts, shredded carrots and avocado.  I’ve also gone full veggie with flavored tofu or hard boiled eggs.  Sorry for the awful video, I just uploaded my Snapchat story.  Though the quality is rough it shows just how easy the process is.  I’ve even had a small dinner party where I prepped a variety ingredients and let guests make their own!  Pairing spring rolls with cauli-fried rice is one of my favorite fresh meals.

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